What are you listening to?


Let’s get this started. I’m currently listening to some epic, cheesy folk metal:

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I’ve been listening to the latest Kunstzone, Behemoth and Anaal Nathrakh. Kunstzone is the side project of Alex Rise from Tyrant of Death. It’s Death Metal with a good helping of Industrial mixed in. I’ll discuss with new Behemoth more in it’s dedicated thread but I’m really digging the cleans through it, I can almost taste Nergal’s other project Me And That Man crossing over. The new Anaal Nathrakh just demonstrates once more that their uncompromising approach to extreme metal pays off. Dave Hunt’s vocal range is fucking insane!


I’ve been listening to “How Far to Asgaard” by Tyr a lot lately. Never got around to this album until now, but I really like it. It’s got a pretty different vibe than their other albums.


Týr are one of my favorites, they manage to have a different sound on almost every one of their albums so that each one stands out, but so far I’ve liked all of them. Can’t wait for their upcoming album.

B2T, listening to the latest Necrophobic album right now.

Saw them live once, it was awesome.


I’d love to see Necrophobic live. How was the stage show @Nachtwaechter?

I’ve been on a Cirith Gorgor kick today. It’s pure black metal (not raw though) and these guys need more recognition. Their old albums are really good too.


Just picked this up.


@Ward it was great, there wasn’t that much of a stage show though because it was a rather small venue. They were headliners of a festival and deservedly so because they really stood out from everyone else with the kind of atmosphere they create with their music. It felt very… energetic for lack of a better word.



I’ve been organizing the genres of my music library and I came to “Mittelalter Metal”… changed that to folk metal so I don’t have 2000 genres. 1000 is plenty. Anyway, I found Vogelfrey and hadn’t really given them a listen… not sure how much I like them, but can’t turn them off for now.


Been listening to Opeth lately. Overall I like their stuff.


New Behemoth album - I Loved You at Your Darkest
I like it, but not as much as “The Satanist”.


Yeah, the Satanist was a special album and I’m not sure if they will top that. The Apostasy is the one I keep going back to since the release, so at least it’s gotten me to listen to my old favorites more.


Anyone else into progressive metal?


Not bad. Some of this reminds me of Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar playing on Gates of Babylon. And… I think it’s Dio time.


It’s always DIO’clock!



Listening to Heidra’s new album The Blackening Tide



Thanks for posting Hoth. its pretty good, I’m going to check out more of their stuff. vocals are a little weird though


One of my favorite albums… Pagan black metal… Emphasis on the black metal.