Metal: A Headbangers Journey (2005)


You remember this movie, right? I liked it, it made me feel connected to the Metal Community. Of course, I was living on an NDN reservation, pretty rural, so anything that showed a metal community was going to do that for me (we had our own high school so there were enough metalheads that we had a small community of us). It really showed me the scene I was missing while I grew up in North Ontario.

One of the criticisms I remember from elsewhere online is that the movies tree of what metal spawned what genre was inaccurate, or some bands were misplaced. Sure, I’d believe that the documentary can be wrong in a borderline opinion-piece. But I do think metal, indeed all of Rock and Roll, owes its development to African American R&B and that development was bumpy, which blew my teenage mind the first time I thought about it.

So I thought it was only appropriate that the first movie discussion is a metal documentary.


The same people behind that also did and their Youtube channel is The Global Metal Doc is great and their Youtube channel covers new releases, debates over origins and genres etc. Both worth checking out.


Thanks I’mma check out their channel. Notifications on new videos and everything.


I wonder if they helped with the map of metal at all?

I generally go there, but I don’t use it as a rule for bands in my collection. Some of the “black crust” is black ‘n’ roll to me.