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I’m Ward “Logan” Hale and I run things around here. This is a hobby for me, but I will try to get to bug notifications as soon as I can.

Keep it Metal used to be a somewhat large community, but that database was destroyed a while back. I’m running everything myself now, so this is here to stay.

As for metal, I like strong melodies and dynamics. I typically gravitate toward pagan, black, epic, avantgarde, and technical genres. The only rock I like is goth rock.

If you’d like to be considered as an article/review writer let me know.

Welcome to the Keep it Metal Forums

Hey I’m Ben

I like many genres of music but heavy metal is probably my favorite. As far as sub genres I really like Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, and Classic Metal such as Van Halen/Judas Priest. Some of my favorite bands are Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Racer X, Metallica, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, etc.

I also play guitar and produce some metal music. I recently recorded a 3 song metal album titled “Info Wars”. Which can be heard here.


Hey I’m Australian and have been listening to alternative/heavy music all my life due to having a large eclectic family who have an equally as large appetite for music. This has lead me to not really constrain myself to any one genre of metal, or even genre of music. I have a massive music collection which can be a nightmare at times and I sometimes go to buy albums and I already own them…that could just be the beer though.

I grew up in a thriving metal ‘scene’ (fuck I hate that word) on the Gold Coast and as such became friends with musicians and promoters, although I’m not as functional in the community these days due to my long term illness. I stopped going to concerts a few years ago but I have seen hundreds of bands live, some quite a few times. Something not so easy when it’s hard for bands to get here and the place is so fucking expansive, making costs expensive for the bands and us! I do have a few bands on my bucket list so hopefully they tour sooner rather than later!



Hey, I’m Greg. I’ve always been back and forth with Metal, listening to it a lot throughout high school, then dropping it and getting back into it again recently. I’m really enjoying stuff like Deafheaven, the Body, Thou, Krallice, YOB, Pallbearer, etc lately. Basically I’m into Metal that’s less about pretending to be a viking or whatever and more as an actual outlet for expressing yourself or working through difficult emotions and situations.

I listen to a lot of music while programming so I tend to like stuff without lyrics (or in the case of Metal, screamed lyrics) that can’t really distract me. I feel like there’s a nice Venn diagram made up of Black Metal, Post Rock, Ambient and IDM, and that’s where I live. I’m always interested in checking out new music, so recommend away.


Welcome Greg. I’m the same way. I actually love working on a website or something because I get to listen to metal. Try these guys on:


That was pretty great, especially Broken Circle. Thanks for the recommendation!


Just realized I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Finn. It’s not my real name, but I prefer it for online/music related things. I listen to a really wide variety of metal and don’t have super specific preferences, as long as I feel like what I’m listening to is somewhat “genuine” or at least musical. For most of my life I’ve lived in the middle of nowhere where everyone listens to country or pop, so finding other metalheads or musicians to jam with has always been a struggle. The subgenres I seem to be drawn to the most are black metal, folk/pagan metal, and whatever combination of the two. As for the music I write, it’s pretty representative of my taste. My main ‘project’ has lots of black metal influence, but it also has some death, power/folk, pop-punk, shoegaze, and a bunch of other stuff. I have yet to release anything, as it’s a slow go all by myself, especially since I am also a full-time engineering student, but I’m working on it.


My Name is Dash, I did the tutorial but missed the intro thread.

I like Metal, and kinda prefer it from an Electronic-minded style. I like fusions of EDM and Metal like Industrial, especially Electro-Industrial. My Favs are Skinny Puppy and oh my god I forgot to put Static X in my favourite bands. But I don’t just like EDM-metal fusions, but also the other way round. when I listen to a new electronic artist I look for how metal their inspiration it; a lot of pop stuff is good, but it doesn’t SCRATCH THAT ITCH like metal-influenced electronic-music does. So it goes both ways!

Another of my favs is Rammstein, so I uploaded the most metal picture I have on my old laptop