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Groza has unleashed their first album with over 27 minutes of black metal. “Unified in Void” has everything that makes modern black metal good: higher quality production that still has a raw edge, tremolo picking, plenty of melody backed by blasting drums, and aggression throughout. The music is solid, and for some of you there is no need to read further. It’s good black metal.

Let’s talk about the clothing and style from that angle. We officially have a trend going with the boots, leather jackets, and hoods. Mgła, UADA, and now Groza all look confusingly similar. Compare the image below. UADA is on the left, Mgła on the right:

It’s interesting how these trends work in metal. I’ve found that the corpse paint seems to go with the more old-school black metal sounds. However, the style we seem to be getting from bands favoring the leather jacket/hood combination is a little different. It’s straight forward but still haunting or hollow. It’s not as icy as some black metal, but the sound does evoke a foggy forest. I’m totally OK with it, but you’re free to spend your time arguing about who stole someone’s style and who is more elite. Do whatever makes you happy.

Back to Groza… This band started as a one man studio project in Bavaria, Germany. Over the last two years a few other musicians joined (at first to help with live shows) from the German underground scene, and now we have a full band.

As for the music, Groza really shine when they open the songs up, play some high tremolo guitar melodies, let out a huge scream, as the drums blast away. The slower riffs were a little repetitive for my tastes, but I kept coming back for the intense moments when the songs opened up. There isn’t much new going on here, but that isn’t always a bad thing. “Unified in Void” doesn’t push and boundaries, explore any new ground, etc. It’s simply another good example of good music in this particular genre. I want everyone to form their own opinions, so take mine with a grain of salt. The whole album is solid and I never wanted to skip a track, but I’ll mention a couple highlights. “Ouroboros” really gets good about half way through and I loved the last few minutes of “Thantos”.

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