Favorite Folk/Pagan bands and albums


Let’s talk about our favorite bands and albums of the Folk, Pagan, Celtic, … genres.

Everyone who is remotely into this style of metal will know the bigger bands like Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, and so on. While I love those bands for getting me into the genre, I figured I was going to start with some lesser known bands, so people can discover something new.

So, in no particular order:

Panychida - Haereticalia
Pagan metal from Czech Republic with some black metal influences
This is their latest album and in my opinion their best one yet.
Their music has really grown on me and I enjoy the vibe it gives off especially now in Fall, also saw them play live twice and it was a great experience each time. They’re also really nice, down to earth guys personally.
Panychida on Bandcamp // Official Homepage

Heidra - Awaiting Dawn
Pagan/Folk band from Denmark. I’d describe their playing style as fast and uplifting with a lot of melody to it. If I needed to compare them to another band, I’d compare them to Ensiferum. That’s also who I saw them open for at a show back in 2016. They also have an upcoming album, The Blackening Tide, due to be released October 26, 2018
Heidra on Bandcamp // (they also had a homepage but it seems to be down…)

SIG:AR:TYR - Northen
Now for something more relaxing: Epic Viking/Folk metal from Canada.
Not sure how well they actually are in North America, I discovered them on another forum a while ago and have put on their music whenever I was in the mood for something calm, to listen to while working on something else. It may sound cheesy but it feels like every one of their albums takes you on a journey. With that said, this is also one of those bands that are best enjoyed when you listen to a whole album in one sitting, rather than individual tracks - and I can reccomend each one equally.
SIG:AR:TYR on Bandcamp // Official Homepage

That should suffice to kick off the thread, what are your favorites currently? Looking forward to your reccomendations!


This is my favorite category, so I could probably list about 200… I’ll start with just a few:

These guys (one guy mainly) are based in West Virginia, of all places. You’ve got Panopticon down in KY too and they are retty epic. You can hear local pain, the pain of the land in both of these bands… the lamentation for the fallen natives, their ancestors. I’d say the pacing and style is somewhat similar to Sig:Ar: Try in that it goes from blackened metal to acoustic, but this is fueled by the sounds of the claustrophobic Appalachian mountains of WV rather than the cold oceans.
They have a new split coming out in a few days too:

Depending on my mood, these guys are one of my favorite bands to listen to. It’s the sound of a foggy Scottish day in the Highlands. The music is pure folk metal with plenty of Celtic influence.

This huge Hungarian folk metal outfit is campy and ridiculous, but they take their ridiculousness very seriously. They somehow are able to represent nearly all the folk styles from the region (Roma, Verbunkos, Táncház, Polka, etc.) while still being very metal. It will be too much for some, but I like it. Seriously… you’ve never heard heard a Hungarian dance until you heard a Hungarian dance with blast beats.