Alphabetical recommendations


Hey guys, here’s the idea for this thread: post a recommendation of something you think people will enjoy, beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. My first recommendation is An Autumn for Crippled Children, and the song is Autumn Again. I was thinking for now keep the game to the band name, so the next band should start with the letter B. If that dries up, we could change to song or album names, or add other rules. For now, anything goes, no need to be too obscure with your choices, just recommend good stuff.



-note for you @weirdvector just post the YT url on it’s own line and it will be converted into a onebox video.


Cult of Luna



Actually one of my favorite albums ever…


Wrap your laughing gear around this name!


Feared. Their guitar player Ola has a bunch of great youtube videos.


Nice. I may have to check out some if I get a real guitar again… For G… God Dethroned is probably in my top 10 (along with 50 other bands). The Toxic Touch is easily one of the prettiest death metal albums ever:


H is for Havoc Unit, a Finnish band that changed their name back to Festerday a few years ago. This entire album, h.IV+, is pure Industrial Black Metal.


Did you use to play electric guitar? You should definitely get another one


Inferi - Those From The Heavens Came. My favorite part of this song is a tiny 12 note or so bass part at the prelude before it unsluices a torrent of beautiful organized chaos.


indeed… but I sold it a long time ago. I’m still sad about that.


J is for Judas Priest. That is all.


I love Kawir… great black metal.




Myrkgrav, Norse Folk Metal.

or this, or 50 other bands…


Maybe veering from what is normally considered metal, but to me this is very metal. Or the beginnings of metal/punk crossover.